Meet Our Nephrologists

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Dr. Baird              Main Office/Parkdale/Greencastle/Terre Haute/Saxony
Dr. Bolander      Main Office/Martinsville/Terre Haute
Dr. Elliott             Main Office/ /Martinsville/Parkdale
Dr. Gollapudi    Main Office
Dr. Jepkorir        Main Office/Indianapolis Eastside/Parkdale
Dr. Manzoor       Main Office/Indianapolis Eastside/Downtown Indianapolis
Dr. McHugh        Main Office/Parkdale/Martinsville
Dr. Najam            Main Office/Indiana Surgery & Vascular Center
Dr. Reddy            Main Office/Saxony/ISVC/Terre Haute
Dr. Santos           Main Office/Parkdale
Dr. Usman           Main Office/Saxony/Downtown Indianapolis
Dr. Wittenborn  Main Office/Parkdale/Greencastle
Dr. Zekonis          Main Office

What is a Nephrologist?

Nephrology is a subspecialty of internal medicine. A nephrologist is a kidney specialist who cares for patients in all stages of kidney disease and related conditions. They have special expertise in clinical nephrology, dialysis and hypertension, but also treat conditions related to the kidneys, like kidney injury, high blood pressure, kidney transplant, genetic conditions and more. They see patients in the office, hospital, dialysis center or nursing home, but also may perform diagnostic tests and outpatient procedures.