Vascular Access Center

Indiana Surgery and Vascular Center is dedicated to diagnostic and interventional procedures to maintain dialysis access. The center is a division of Indiana Kidney Specialists and of NANI. We provide vascular access procedures in an outpatient surgery setting to maintain a healthy vascular system in patients with advanced kidney disease. Our board-certified nephrologists are trained and experienced in Interventional Nephrology.

Indiana Surgery & Vascular Center is located at:

   1420 N. Senate Ave. Suite A
   Indianapolis, IN 46202
   P: 317-634-0920
   F: 317-634-0921

Indiana Surgery and Vascular Center physicians are interventional nephrologists with the IKS practice. Your care will be seamless and convenient.

Common Vascular Access Procedures

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Information for Patients

  • If you have a dialysis access and something seems wrong with your access site, contact your nephrologist.

  • Once we get a referral from your nephrologist, we will contact you for an appointment.

  • We offer free parking.

  • Procedures are done on average within 2hrs, start to finish.

  • Procedures can be performed under conscious sedation, which enables patients to remain awake, yet comfortable.

  • We provide a sandwich, chips and a drink following the procedure.

  • Same day appointments are available or can be scheduled to be done within a day or two.

  • Experienced and skilled staff include registered nurses, radiologic technologists and front office staff.