Kidney Facts

Important Facts About Your Kidneys

  • It’s important to keep your kidneys healthy because they perform critical functions that keep your entire body in balance.
  • Be sure to visit your physician every year for a check-up that includes a blood pressure check, urine test and general bloodwork.
  • Your kidneys function to remove the waste products in your blood. They also produce hormones your body needs, regulate important chemicals and keep your blood pressure under control.
  • High blood pressure and diabetes are the leading causes of kidney disease. Keeping these conditions controlled is important for the overall health of your kidneys – and your body.
  • Chronic Kidney Disease occurs when your kidneys are damaged over time and become less functional.
  • Kidney disease is detected by your physician through blood and urine tests as well as monitoring your blood pressure.
  • Signs that signal the need to see a physician include high blood pressure, blood in your urine, swelling in the hands and feet and frequent urination/urinary tract infections.
  • When detected early, kidney disease can often be treated with medications that control conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.