Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplantation

A kidney transplant is surgery that provides a new, fully-functional kidney to a patient who has end-stage kidney disease. It is one of the most common transplant surgeries performed in the U.S. A kidney can be donated from a healthy family member, friend, spouse, non-relative or a deceased donor. The goal of a kidney transplant is to provide a patient with a fully functional kidney, and thus, a better quality of life.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia by a surgeon who specializes in transplant procedures and typically takes about three to five hours. The hospital stay is usually around one week.

Patients are evaluated over the course of several weeks or months by a transplant team to determine if they are proper candidates for this surgery. Tests such as blood work, cancer screening and heart work-ups are often performed during this process. 

Proper candidates are placed on a regional waiting list for a kidney. Wait time is determined by the patient’s blood type, the length of time they have been on dialysis, other medical conditions that are present and the likelihood for transplant success.

The Role of Indiana Kidney Specialists

Our board certified nephrologists (doctors that specialize in kidney disease) are closely involved with the care of their patients who undergo a kidney transplant. They monitor them before the surgery and manage their care ongoing following the procedure (for the rest of their life) to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Our physicians work together with the transplant team and function as the patient’s “tour director” throughout the entire transplant process. This includes providing comprehensive clinical care, management of anti-rejection medications, regular check-ups and patient education.